The Weary Heart: The Unmarriageable Series Book 5


Having failed to make a match on the marriage front, Helen Milsom is forced to become a governess. On her way back to her employer’s home, she comes across Sir Marcus Dain at an inn, where they have a less than stellar first meeting. Marcus’ boredom with the English nobility’s lifestyle has rendered his mood to one of grouchiness. Nevertheless, Helen’s bluntness, lack of meekness toward his position, and bad manners intrigue him. The interest flows both ways as they meet several times over the coming weeks, forcing Helen to remind herself that she is only a governess and has no business finding Sir Marcus attractive, let alone enjoying his company. When Helen is accused of a crime she didn’t commit, Marcus will have to decide whether to believe the lies being told or to believe Helen has been framed.

As the fifth book in the series, fans of Ms. Lancaster will continue to appreciate her talent in bringing historical England to life with her wonderful descriptions!  However, both Helen and Marcus are hard to enjoy as characters, as they are both often discourteous in their interactions and quick to jump to conclusions about one another. The story is slow-paced, until the last several chapters. When Helen is accused of being a thief, the fact that her employers believe virtual strangers over her is incredibly frustrating. There is also very little romance until the very end of the book, so the ending feels somewhat rushed. Secondary characters, especially the children, provide needed humor and interest to the story, which often falls flat, and leaves the welcome opening for more stories involving the funny, younger generation. 

Katy Nielsen