Watch for Me by Moonlight


TIME-SLIP:  Elodie and Alex were childhood best friends, though at opposite ends of the aristocratic ladder. Alex was the heir, now the Earl, and Elodie’s parents were the help. She’s back home after being in London for a decade, wounded from a bad marriage, but loving getting back to her roots in Hartsford. Never enjoying the genealogical side of things, Alex is forced to correct a number of familial historical inaccuracies, hidden from everyone until a lightning bolt shatters an empty tomb that wasn’t supposed to be empty. Elodie has always seen spirits, but this time Alex will be along for the ride as the hidden events have the spirits taking over and showing them both the truth.

Alex and Elodie are fascinating characters, two people who love each other, but let go. The story’s ghost element is brilliantly wrapped into genetic memory and family bloodlines. It’s nice to see a heroine whose ability to see spirits is not ridiculed, but accepted, by everyone pertinent to the story. The first half of the book is choppy, with flashbacks to two different pasts encompassing five different people and a mid-chapter change of location and scene with nothing such as asterisks to tell readers that that is happening. Both things lead to record-scratch moments for the reader. A suspense story such as this should not have readers doing a double take to figure out where in time and place they are in the story. The tale itself is a wonderful, centuries-old whodunnit mystery, with interfering ghosts leading to a love match in both times.

Julie York