The Warrior's Wager (Warrior's of Eriu Book 2)


ANCIENT:  Preferring shooting her bow and being outside, Aislin Mac Cecht refuses to marry. A husband and children would only tie her down. Her family, on the other hand, want nothing more than for her to settle down and start a family. But she's far too wild. Alaster Mac Murray prefers to spend his nights with more than one woman. Despite his boyish charms, he's hiding a lot of pain from his past. When he sees a fiery female in a short dress shouting at his brother, Alaster decides that the one thing he wants is this woman in his bed and in every other way possible. An agreement between them for a temporary handfasting means Aislin's family will be off her back, but she vows to leave once the agreement is over. Alaster has other plans.

This book is one that will hook readers into this series and never let go. The characters are fiery, stubborn and unforgettable. The settings and dialogue are spot on for the story’s time period, and the detailed descriptions of the natural surroundings will pull readers in. Every reader will be rooting for these characters to get together and have their happily ever after. As the story progresses, the emotional and passionate connection between the characters becomes ever more intense, making “The Warrior’s Wager” a short read that readers won't be able to put down.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick