The Warrior’s Salvation


Jeoffrey was certain that when Clarice ran off with his cousin, Harold, he would never see her again.  She was the last person he expected to see bursting through the tavern doors in the middle of a blizzard, clutching a small child. Clarice was certain she would never see Jeoffrey again, yet his face was the last one she saw before fainting in exhaustion.  Upon learning that she is on the run from her abusive brother-in-law, Gregory, who wants to claim her as his wife or slave, Jeoffrey agrees to allow Clarice and her child to recuperate in his home.  Old flames quickly burn down his barriers.  Reunited, Jeoffrey and Clarice attempt to pick up where they had left off, but Gregory hasn’t given up on possessing Clarice and won’t stop until he does.

Wasting no time, Ms. Pride sets her characters on a collision course in the opening chapter of this delightful medieval Celtic tale.  From the moment Clarice bursts onto the scene, this story clips along at a fast but delightful pace.  Clarice and Jeoffrey clearly have a connection and are quick to put the past behind them and move forward to their happy ending.  A little less agreeability and a little more tension could have added more realism and fire to their relationship, but the threat posed by Gregory keeps the plot engaging even without relationship drama.  This is the first book in the Warriors of Eriu series, and it not only solidly stands alone but introduces some wonderful characters that will make for a very enjoyable series.

Elissa Blabac