A Warrior’s Pledge (Highland Bodyguards #3)


Finn Sutherland is a Highlander, true to his country and his King. When an Englishman comes a-calling, he questions his King’s decisions but stands true to his duty and obeys the orders he has been given. Finn will act as bodyguard to English lass Lady Rosamond Beaumore, until she is wed to her betrothed in an alliance arranged by the King to benefit His country. 

Lady Rosamond is not a young chit, but a grown woman who has born the weight of responsibility on her shoulders since her mother’s death. While her betrothal is just another responsibility she must bear, she worries that her family will not be better off in the end. She also fears that she will never know love, as her parents had. 

Reader, embark on an adventure into the realm of love and betrayal! Ms. Prince crafts an enchanting drama that engages the heart and soul. The characters leap from the pages, drawing the reader in and making them a part of the story being told. The hardheaded Highlander and the noble maiden make an unlikely match, but their wits intertwine delightfully, making them a formidable duo. The plot has just the right amount of twists to keep the reader guessing, and the story flows like a spring river. There is love and there is hatred. There is innocence and experience. There is nothing lacking in this dramatic telling of an arranged marriage, giving a refreshing new look into the history of a country at war. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto