War Zone (Giffort Street #4)

Marian D.

It's 1969 and at the height of the Vietnam war. During a university protest, Meghan Danahy and Dennis Kipphut accidentally meet and it slowly grows to love.  Dodging the draft becomes extremely difficult without a legitimate medical reason or the aid of money, but Meghan will do whatever it takes not to lose Dennis, even if deserting is their only chance to live and love.  They must sacrifice all that they've known to secure a future together but will it be a happy one?


This story takes an interesting perspective, that of a young man who is dodging the draft, rather than from a man who has come back from the horrors of the senseless Vietnam war. It grabs the reader's attention and lures their intellect very early on.  The characters of Meghan and Dennis being from opposite sides of the track brings not only the characters themselves into the full dramatic stage but into the overall story. They could be anyone’s siblings or neighbors with very real emotional situations that draw in the reader.  Their strong-minded drive for what they believe in is appealing, as is the love story that grows amidst the drama and chaos.  At times Meghan's blind stubbornness is a dominant factor and Dennis seems occasionally overshadowed by her, but her love for him is so strong that one hopes  love can conquer all and that they will find a way to be together.  This is a moving short story that is neither short on drama, passion or heart! 


Margaret Faria