To Want A Rogue (De Wolfe Pack Connected World)


For Delia, having to run through the woods during a storm is a terrifying experience. She needs help for her brother, who lies trapped in their carriage.  She finds herself in front of the DeWolfe castle and it is unclear whether the man inside is more terrifying than the situation she has found herself in. Lord Gavin DeWolfe prefers to be on his own. The death of his wife has caused him to shut himself away from the world. He wants to be alone to deal with his grief and not be bothered by anyone. When a woman desperate for his help turns up on his doorstep, he is forced to give shelter to her and her brother. However, he is not prepared for the fireworks that follow. 

Author Tammy Andersen throws the reader straight into a precarious situation, with action starting on the very first page. The plot moves at an even pace but as the book is so short, seems to conclude quickly. The characters are a bit plain, with little description or depth, and the situation they find themselves in feels a bit mundane. However, the dialogue between them is enjoyable and relevant to the time in which the book is set. "To Want a Rogue" is overall a great pick for historical romance fans, with some scorching scenes between Delia and Gavin. This is a great addition of the DeWolfe Pack universe! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick