The Viscount's Vow


REGENCY:  Evangeline Caruthers isn't exactly sure how she ended up engaged to Ian Hamilton, Viscount Warrick. There was this ball and a migraine and an uncomfortable corset... Ian isn't so happy with it either. His goal was to ruin the chit that led to his brother's death and seduced his sister's beau. But the die was cast, and he has no choice anymore. And once he gets to know her, he can't imagine that his beautiful half-Romani wife could actually be guilty of all that she was accused.  And Vangie can't help but hope that her husband will come to care for her, that she will lead the happy life she has dreamt of since she was a child. They only need time to come to terms with their feelings, but time is something they just might not have.

The plot of a forced marriage is nothing new, and yet this author has accomplished it in a refreshing and very satisfying manner. Vangie and Ian make for an unlikely couple, and yet they fit together so perfectly.  True, their relationship is at times filled with drama (and some events that are quite improbable), but it's still strong at its core and simply believable. The added details of the life at a Romani camp were interesting, not to mention their intriguing leader (reading more of his story would be a treat). All in all, this is a delightful story filled with amazing characters, heinous villains and a love that defies all odds!

Ana Smith