Vidal's Honor

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Lord Devlin Beaumont wakes in his army camp with an unsettled feeling.  Even the love of his wife, Honor, doesn't quell the nagging sense of foreboding that clings to the back of his mind . . .  

Mere hours later, Honor watches in horror as her husband is attacked and wrenched, unconscious, from his horse.  She's helplessly whisked away by people who claim they've sworn to return her home, but she can't help feeling something is amiss.  

Viscount Charles Vidal has loved Honor from the moment he saw her and was crushed when she chose to marry Devlin rather than himself.  Upon learning of the bizarre attack on his best friend, Vidal is determined to find Honor and see that she's escorted safely back to England.

Set in 1812, Vidal's Honor is a charming tale of love, betrayal, devotion and greed.  In-depth descriptions and scenes create vibrant color and vivid landscapes but Honor's arduous trekking occasionally tips toward tedium.  Le duc is an arresting and tantalizing character and Honor is lovely and worthy of devotion but one aches to know Vidal.  Hints at his fervor and chivalry tease and leave one starved for more.  Please, more!  Still, it is a beautiful story with an engaging plot that begs for a rainy day in front of a cozy fire!

Sandy Ponton