Unyielding (Highlands Forever Book 3)


Miran MacKay is proud to have been chosen by her cousin, the new laird, to set up his home, though she chafes under the strictures of behaving more like a lady. Overhearing the new laird discussing a marriage between her and the heathen currently serving as Captain of the Guards is absolutely out of the question! Prince Kuresh has grown to love his adopted home and he has fought hard to achieve a position of trust and respect. With his new clan name of Kai MacKay, he seeks a bride and only one woman will do--the feisty Miran MacCay. The fiery lass captures his heart as no woman ever has. But Miran is not about to surrender her heart without a fight. As the two journey across the highlands to find servants and soldiers to serve the new laird, the attraction between them builds and Miran is forced to confront her fears if she truly wishes to attain her heart's desire.

Set against the sweeping backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, "Unyielding" transports the reader on a journey of romance, passion, and adventure! While this is the third book in the Highlands Forever series, it can easily be read on its own. Miran is more than a match for the newly named Kai MacKay, and the flames of their attraction keeps the story moving at a good pace. An intriguing suspense plot builds, but the climax scene isn't as strong as it could be. Even so, "Unyielding" offers a fresh twist on the Scottish hero and delivers a superbly entertaining historical romance!

Tricia Hill