Unveiling Beulah


Beulah Lockhart goes by the name of Bea and is running from her family - and her past. After the death of her grandmother, she was able to purchase a mercantile in Texas. A scar on her face made her an embarrassment to her family and the subject of bullying among her peers, but she finally feels at home in this small town. There is another positive to this move, and that is Lucien Moreau. He is half French, half Native American, and is also running from his past. His grandfather wants him to take over his shipping business and marry a lovely, yet evil socialite. Bea and Lucien can’t resist their growing feelings for each other, but their pasts comes for them, threatening to split them up.

This charming historical is absolutely heartwarming! This is definitely a character-driven novel. Not only are the main characters amazing, but it is impossible to not love the supporting characters as well. In fact, readers will be dying for more books in the series because they will not want to let these characters go! Bea is beautiful inside and out, and it is very emotional to witness her discover that beauty for herself. Lucien is the definition of a book boyfriend. It is wonderful to see a romance that discusses that beauty is not only skin deep. The emphasis on kindness and friendship will bring out all the emotions. Plus, there is a delicious dash of suspense! This is the perfect book for romance lovers who want characters that can overcome anything!

Amanda Hupe