An Unsuitable Duchess


Ann Sinclair is an independent-minded young woman with skills in healing.  After the death of her guardian, she travels to London to live with his sister as was the custom in those days.  Ann’s birth and parentage are shrouded in mystery, which makes her an unsuitable match in English Society back in the 1800’s. Her newfound cousin is at odds with her and she finds she has a hidden enemy who seems bent on her destruction.

Lord John Anniscote has inherited his brother’s title and the remainder of his family's fortune. A second son, the new Duke of Guysbridge is used to doing without.  He now finds himself hunted down by young misses on the hunt for a title. When a plot against Ann and her honor is exposed will the Duke be able to safeguard her reputation?

Author Kathleen Buckley has written an engaging Regency romance with a good pace, strong and likeable characters and historical depth. She has done her homework and it shows in the language and the customs, which are true to the period. Beautifully appointed and written with measured authority, "An Unsuitable Duchess" has a lively, interesting plot with a handsome Duke and an intelligent, forthright protagonist. A compulsively readable romantic tale, truly worth 5 stars! 

L. Kane