Unmasked By Her Lover


Lady Margaret “Meg” Winter is shocked to discover the gossip rags reporting an Orgy at C. Place. Meg was there, but locked in a room, watching over an absent princess. Meg is ruined. Even though she is not directly named, everyone knows, so her parents devise a plan for Meg to marry an old childhood friend, Captain Lord Henry “Harry” de Vere. Meg doesn’t want to trap Harry into matrimony only because her reputation is shattered. Meg devises her own plan for Harry to take her to stay at Calvert Court with her twin sister until the scandal blows over. As Meg travels with Harry, the love between them is stronger than ever before. Still, the road to true love is not without difficulty or troubles that continually pop up, attempting to pull both apart.

“Unmasked By Her Lover” is at moments an amusing and pleasant read! Unfortunately, the story is all over the place. The writing is jumbled, and the romance gets buried beneath far too many plot twists, making it hard to figure out what exactly is going on between the major and minor characters. It feels as though the many mini subplots could be expanded into books of their own instead of being thrown into one novel. Meg, the chameleon, apprehensive-to-love heroine, is also hard to relate to. Harry is a little easier to like because at least he doesn’t have so many other agendas to follow.  Nonetheless, lovers of Regency romance will be entertained and enjoy the smooth writing style and creative hijinks.

Roslynn Ernst