The Unexpected Wife (Children of Empire Book 3)


Charles Wheatly, Duke of Murnane, is still grieving the death of his child and suppressing the anger that he holds toward his estranged wife who deserted him and their son. In order to help deal with that grief, he takes a mission to find information in China. Little does he know the information that he seeks is the beginning of the First Opium War. What doesn’t surprise him is discovering Lady Zambak Hayden, a young woman he has known since childhood, sneaking around gathering her own information. Zambak’s brother works for the East India Trading Company. She tries to keep her brother in line, but he is addicted to opium. To save her brother they must work together and confront the unexpected love they develop for each other.

Dive into this incredibly detailed historical epic! The history is so precise and the characters so unique! Zambak is a treasure. She is smart, capable and does not need marriage since she believes it will only hold her back. She is everything a heroine should be, although Charles makes her character even stronger. He believes in her, values her and respects her. They both make this romance truly heartwarming.  This book really dives into addiction and the pain it inflicts on those addicted as well as their families. However, the beginning of the book is a little slow with all the developing information. Once the story develops, it turns into quite the page-turner! Those interested in English and Chinese history will absolutely love this beautiful story! This epic romance will leave readers in awe.

Amanda Hupe