Unbreakable (Highlands Forever Book 1)


Keely Oliphant marries John MacKay, although her heart belongs to his younger brother, Alex. The marriage was arranged by Keely and John’s fathers to form an alliance between the two clans. But Keely runs away on her wedding night before the marriage is consummated, taking refuge with the Sutherland’s, enemy of the MacKay’s. After a change of heart, Keely returns to the MacKay’s, who are currently at war with the Sutherland’s. The evil Sutherland Clan kill women, children, and warriors alike. Keely asks for an audience with her husband, but is taken to Alex instead who is still as angry as ever with her. Keely discovers she still loves him just as much as she always has. How can she right the wrongs of the past to be at Alex’s side?

“Unbreakable” showcases how the love between Keely and Alex can go on forever in spite of strife. Author Violetta Rand builds a world complete with heather-filled hillsides and craggy mountains where an epic romance is set. The characters leap to life from the pages and one can hear their accents while reading this unique piece. The characters have an authentic Scottish accent, but the narrator’s accent changes throughout the story making it difficult to distinguish the narrator from the characters. Repetitious rehashing of the past by Alex and Keely does become tedious. “Unbreakable” is a well-written novel with enjoyable characters that have a fire in their spirits to get what they want.

Belinda Wilson