Unbreakable (Book 1 Highlands Forever series)


Alex MacKay returns to his former home in the Scottish Highlands at his brother the Laird’s summons to protect his clan from its enemies.  His bitterness has turned him into a ruthless warlord in the East, a powerful man feared by many, and wealthy beyond imagination.  He left when his first love married his brother.  Upon his arrival back home, he is told by his brother that Keely Oliphant ran off on their wedding night. Alex may not love his brother or Keely anymore, but he’s remained loyal to Clan MacKay and will defend it from their Sutherland enemies.  After tragedy, Alex becomes the next laird, and he expects Keely to honor her vows and become the wife of the surviving MacKay.

“Unbreakable” is passionate historical romance with charismatic characters.  Alex is a battle-hardened, emotionally callous, arrogant man, determined to make Keely pay for betraying their love.  At times, he’s unlikeable in how he treats Keely.  Keely is very sympathetic, taking ownership of the decisions she made and their far-reaching consequences.  “Unbreakable” is historically accurate, including interesting commentary on women’s status in the 15th Century.  Keely believes her body belongs to her and that she should have the right to choose her husband. Keely’s strength of character clashes head on with Alex’s domineering personality.  There is plenty of sexual tension, culminating in steamy, descriptive love scenes.  It’s clear that they still love each other and belong together.  Although the major external conflict falls flat, readers will enjoy escaping to the Scottish Highlands for this stimulating romance.

Danielle Hill