A Twin’s Journey


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Raven is a tenacious fighter, hardened by years of physical abuse at the hands of her father King Drakekar.  But she is an outcast now, branded and marked for death – she has joined the Quest, committed to fighting against the King’s cruel treatment of his subjects.  Axe is a comrade-in-arms in Quest  He would like to be so much more, but he can’t penetrate her emotional armor - Raven's trust in men was beaten out of her long ago.  Her only friend is Lilithe, her lone companion in Quest.  She can’t explain it, but she and Lilithe have a friendship that transcends all other bonds...it is her only close relationship on this earth.  When Raven is betrayed by Damask, a fellow Quest member and nearly killed, Axe tells Raven of a secret in his past, and why he joined the Quest.  Raven swears him to secrecy, and tells him of her cruel relationship with the King.  But Damask is jealous of Raven, and decides to collaborate with the King’s men to kill Raven, hoping that Axe will become her lover. 


 “A Twin’s Journey” is an action-packed saga, with men and women fighting for those who cannot defend themselves.  The plot is interesting, but needs more depth, particularly in Raven’s relationship with Axe and with her father.  The story ends abruptly with the disappearance of Lilithe, and leaves the reader hanging in the middle of the search.  “A Twin’s Journey” is absolutely packed with promise, though,  perhaps a Book 2 will bring a satisfying conclusion.


Victoria Z. Burg