Triumph and Treasure (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, #1)


REGENCY:  Angelina Ellsworth is a Boston newlywed who has just discovered she has married a married man! Unable to go home, she travels to live with her maternal aunt in England, however, she finds herself pregnant. Instead of planning to return home, she rusticates on her uncle’s country estate while deciding her future. Her uncle has a hold over their neighbor, Flynn, Earl of Luxmoor, whose late father gambled everything in one night and lost it all. Her uncle has a plan - one that neither of them can argue with - nor find a resolution to.


The first installment of a new series is always character heavy, introducing the cast for following stories, and oh, what wonderful characters will be following this tale of love growing from practicality and reasoning! Unmarried and pregnant in Regency England is a bad thing, especially when your uncle is a Baron, and he has no redeeming qualities of any kind. Although the series title implies Scotland, the majority of the time is spent in the English countryside; however all of Flynn’s family is in Scotland, and that is where they marry. Instead of vaporish misses, this tale is stuffed full of strong, yet historically accurate women who know they are limited but are darn sure going to forge their own proper path through life. Angelina and Flynn are united in wanting to marry to help each other, and themselves, out of all kinds of problems, and their regard for each other becomes passion. The setting up of a love affair based in reality, with a heavy dose of hot Scottish men, is a remarkable start to a new series that readers should have set to auto-buy!


Julie York