The Treasure Hunter’s Lady (Legends & Lovers #1)



Romy Farrington traveled the world with her archeologist father, until her last trip caused many to die. Sadly, the world is not yet ready for women travelers, at least not deep in the jungle. Society demands she be a proper lady  - assuredly NOT Romy’s favorite thing to do. She is an explorer at heart and wants to see the world. Then the attractive, but rough around the edges Abel Courte, not only saves her life in the streets, he leads her on a wild death defying exploration. Abel has one goal right now and that is to find the Diamond of Uktena. Some tales are told to keep people safe and others are stories told purely for entertainment. Abel is determined to learn if the tale of the Diamond of Uktena is real, or just a story. Maybe the  Diamond really can save lives, even his own. Things do not go the way he expects, however, when the daring, intriguingly, beautiful Romy Farrington tags along for the dangerous adventure!  


Allison Merritt brings the reader a romantic yet mysterious story in “The Treasure Hunter’s Lady”.  Though a little slow and drawn out at times, it has all the fascinating aspects of a Victorian Steampunk read. With guns that don’t use bullets, pirates that sail the skies in air ships, to the very clothing worn, Ms. Merrit successfully draws the reader into Romy and Abel’s adventures.  With a little tightening, this is one author to watch!  


Melody Prat