Trail of Hope (Hot on the Trail #2)


“Trail of Hope” is the second book in the “Hot on the Trail” series but also reads quite well as a stand-alone novel. Callie unwillingly joins her brother and his family on their journey West on the Oregon Trail. Tragedy strikes and Callie loses her brother and his family to illness, leaving her to fend for herself far from civilization. Her only option for survival and safety is to become a trail bride and find someone willing to marry her. John, a grieving widow who has recently lost his wife and son during childbirth, agrees to marry her. Despite the sorrow of their losses, John and Callie come together to survive the hard and rigorous challenges of everyday life on a wagon train and begin to realize that in each other they have found something to live for. 


Ms. Farmer writes a fast-paced and intricate depiction of life on a wagon train, with well-developed characters and not a single dull moment. She has the ability to make her readers feel the pain, sorrow, joy and hardships her characters endure, and takes readers from the agonizing grief of loss to the joy of finding love in a way that will keep readers from putting down this book until the very last word!


Molly S. Daniels