Trail of Desire (Gold Dust Brides, Book 2)


WESTERN:  Grace Webster is haunted by visions of death. On the trail to California in search of her father and older sister Violet, Grace and her other sister Prudence have disguised themselves as a married couple in hopes of outwitting their uncle and his plans to marry them off, long enough to make it west. But when Grace’s visions start to come true, everything will change for the both of them. Leyati Blackstone is seeking revenge when he comes across a wagon train that has been attacked. The evil men he is hunting are in sight, but they have a hostage he cannot ignore and a different path overcomes his need for revenge.  Fleeing those hunting them, and badly injured, neither Grace nor Leyati can survive alone, and against ghosts and madmen, only together they stand a chance. 

A dream of passion and purpose in written form, “Trail of Desire” picks up shortly after the first book ends, and presents a sister with a talent for visions of the future that haunt her, and a handsome warrior looking for revenge and finding love instead. While the instant love story is somewhat predictable in its ending, and the story is so quickly paced it reads like a novella, it does have a dreamlike quality with spirits and demons surrounding the characters and just enough steam to push the romance into fantasy to make it fun. Overall, fans of western romances between settlers and natives will find plenty of enjoy in this story and should add it to their to-read lists!

Sarah E Bradley