A Timeless Romance Anthology: Old West Collection

Carla Kelly, Sarah M. Eden, Liz Adair,
Heather B. Moore, Annette Lyon, Marsha Ward

WESTERN:  A new edition to the Timeless Romance Anthology series, “The Old West Collection” is a collection of six romance novellas, each one set in the American Old West. In “Break a Leg”, a hospital steward and an ex-slave find love at a Western outpost while treating wounded. In “The Soldier’s Heart”, a veteran soldier of the Civil war goes to visit and help the family of his wartime companion in response to a dying wish, but falls in love with the man’s sister. In “Hidden Spring”, a widow finds new love when she meets her husband’s half-brother. “The Silver Mine Bachelor” brings together a church-going secretary looking for love and the owner of the mine with unexpected connections to the town brothel. In “The Sweetest Taste”, a farm girl learns that sometimes what she wants isn’t the same as what will make her happy. Finally, in “Faith and the Foreman”, a school teacher and a cowboy may find love, if a certain rancher doesn’t get in the way.


A sweet and clean romance collection, the” Old West Collection” has something for all western lovers. The characters vary in purpose and maturity, providing a nice assortment of cozy, short reads. Although the stories are not all completely original, the variety and spark in each one  will cause the reader to at least smile through most and fall in love with at least one or two before they are finished, and begin to look for the next in the this delightful series of collections!


Sarah E. Bradley