A Timeless Romance Anthology: European Collection

Annette Lyon, G.G. Vandagriff, Michele Paige Holmes
Sarah M. Eden Heather B. Moore, Nancy Campbell Allen

No matter the time, no matter the century, no matter the place:  love finds the heart and leads people toward it.  In this collection of six short stories, we find a young journalist running from love amid the horrors of war, an heiress desperately hoping for something more than a match made from money, an almost-nun taken to restore the shattered heart of a widower's young daughter.  We also enjoy the problems that arise when a couple’s rose-colored glasses of love fall off and the honeymoon is over,  a woman who’s only interest is in the man her father detests and is suing, and finally a taste of Venice, a sad woman and a dark stranger who may be the answer to her dreams or the finale to a torturous life.


Each of these short stories holds wonderful tidbits and unique twists that enthrall and entertain!  There are some definite editing issues that jump out, (words such as “charge” written “change” etc.) throughout some of the stories and, even given the brevity in page space, a noticeable lack of depth in a couple of the tales.  Still, most of the authors did an impressive job of packing the perfect amount of emotion in such a stingy amount of space! Overall,  these are delightful, fun and easy indulgences.  Perfect when one needs a very quick break from the daily drudgeries of life!


Ruth Lynn Ritter