The Thunder Lord (Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood #1)

Le Veque

Gallus de Shera, Earl of Coventry, a powerful warlord, is being pressured to marry Hugh Bigod’s homely and rotund daughter. It’s not an arrangement he wants, but it would combine two very powerful families. Fortunately for Gallus, before the marriage contract is signed, he is asked to come to the rescue of a Welsh family who has been attacked on their way back to Wales. It just so happens, the family is royalty. The Lady Jeniver is a dark haired beauty whom Gallus is drawn to immediately, and when her father, the King offers her hand in marriage to Gallus, his mother “Lady Honey” accepts on his behalf. 


Maximus and Tiberius are brothers to Gallus, they along with many powerful barons are forming an alliance against Henry III. The de Shera family has the reputation and muscle to do what is needed, but will betrayal find its way to their castle door?


The action and adventure in this story is amazing! Ms. Le Veque sure knows how to write about battles and politics. However, the romantic aspects of this story are lacking. The politics in the plot seems to be the main focus, not the relationship between Gallus and Jeniver. Lady Honey is the most fleshed out character, making her the highlight of the novel. The mentioning of Bigod’s daughters’ homeliness and girth seem to be a bit harsh, and brought into the story a few too many times. With more fleshing out of the two main characters and their romantic relationship, this would be a 5 star read!!!


Lynne Bryant