The Thief Steals Her Earl (Craven House #1)


REGENCY:  Simon Montgomery, the Earl of Cartwright, has spent all of his time and energy in rebuilding the ruins of his estate, while shielding his mother and sister from how bad the situation truly is. He has no time for love until he has a chance meeting with Miss Judith Pengarden. Quickly enamored of the lady, he can’t stop thinking of her and how much they have in common - until he realizes that she might be a thief. With the evidence mounting, Judith says she has an explanation for everything, but how can he trust what she says and what his heart is telling him?


There is a lot to like about the originality of this plot and the well-drawn setting that will transport readers back in time. The author has obviously done her research, but also includes an overabundance of details that brings the pacing to a standstill and bogs down the story to the point it is difficult to pick up important story beats. The main characters are easy to relate to and are memorable with endearing quirks. At times, however, the depth of emotion needed to pull the reader into the romance is lacking. The author definitely has talent for putting enough twists and turns to keep a reader guessing and with an unusual secondary cast, readers will be anxious for more in this series.


Kate Campbell