Tempting the Scoundrel


After years spent watching her mother love a scoundrel, coupled with a spinster aunt who always spoke ill of marriage, Miss Sophia Markham has been warned enough against love. Deciding that a position as a Countess’s companion is her best plan, Sophia is shocked to discover that the countess’s grandson is none other than Elliott Walker, the Earl of Aberland—incredibly handsome and, quite unfortunately, a well-known scoundrel. Only, as Sophia gets to know him better, she is certain he is no true scoundrel at all, and she is also certain he is hiding a rather large secret. Before long, she finds herself determined to unearth the truth and shocked when she discovers more than she cares to.

“Tempting the Scoundrel” is a delightful read with lovable characters, an engaging storyline and, of course, a very heart-warming ending. A quick and easy read, the story is well written and well edited, allowing the reader to remain constantly engaged in the plot development. Though the attraction between the hero and heroine is strong from the start, their connection could have used a bit more emotional development before they became so completely in love. The heroine makes a few clichéd and frustrating decisions, such as choosing more than once to spy on the hero, which detracted slightly from her otherwise commonsensical personality, though it did add to the adventure. Overall, the story is fun, lighthearted and witty, and a great read for any regency romance lover! 

Dahlia Gosney