Taming the Wicked Wulfe, The Rogue Agents Trilogy, #1

Tammy Jo

The Duke of Wulfecrest is dying and is determined to see that his children are raised in a loving home until his son reaches his majority and can assume the responsibilities of his title. In order to achieve that goal, the Duke marries his sister-in-law Rebekah to his younger brother, by proxy.  Rebekah hates Thornton Wulfe, but will do anything to keep her sister's children out of her despicable father’s hands, so she agrees to the marriage. Thorn is thrown into family life when his brother dies, but as an agent to the Crown his life is dangerous. How will he manage to serve God, Country, and Crown and keep his new family safe?


This delicious tale of Regency romance is filled with mystery, intrigue and secrets, oh, my! Set in early 1800 London, this story doesn’t gently entice one to turn the page, it grabs by the arm, pulls, and runs hell-bent for leather from the shocking beginning to the delightful end. The characters leap off the page, the plot is fast-paced and the relationship between Thorn and Rebekah pulls more emotional strings than is thought possible. Thorn may lead a covert life, but Rebekah has secrets of her own, and her revelations are shocking. While the spy aspect of this story is a major plot point, it is nonetheless the weakest in execution. On the other hand, the deft weaving of the relationship between Thorn and Rebekah steals the show. From the lowest low to the highest high this is one exhilarating ride!


Carol Conley