Talk Sweetly to Me (The Brothers Sinister Book 5)


Miss Rose Sweetly is a shy, reserved woman of science, hampered by both her sexuality and the color of her skin. Intelligent beyond belief, Rose is forced to sit back in the shadows unless someone takes notice of her skills. Thankfully, Dr. Barnstable has done just that, allowing Rose to learn and enjoy the wonders of the universe. Mr. Stephen Shaughnessy is a flamboyant flirt, known by all for his scandalous behavior, satirical column in a feminist publication, and lurid novels. Rose and Stephen are two opposites drawn together by an unseen force, no matter the consequences.

Never before have mathematical equations had the power to drip with romantic seduction, like nectar from a flower! Ms. Milan weaves an alluring tale of seduction that comes together in a most scientific manner. The characters stand apart as highly defined persons of interest, revolving in their separate worlds. Pulled together by the cosmos of life, their paths collide, and sparks fly, ever so “Sweetly”.

Entwined beautifully with the romance is the harsh reality of the challenges that face the couple. Racism, social status, and bigotry are brought to light perfectly within the Rose and Stephen's story. From a racist doctor refusing to respect Rose’s sister’s needs, to the challenges Rose faces at the observatory, to the fact interracial marriage is taboo; all is written with grace and power. No sooner than the story begins, it seems to end, leaving the reader begging for more. A once in a lifetime transit in its own right!

Penelope Anne Bartotto