Tales of Timeless Romance (A Dragonblade Historical Romance Anthology)

Fil Reid, Cara Hogarth, Gemma Sydney, Donna Maloy,
Stephanie Patterson, Peri Maxwell
So Arthur Was Born by Fil Reid: The attraction between Eigr and Uthyr is impossible to resist, but the consequences will reverberate throughout history!
To Kiss an Outlaw by Cara Hogarth: Lady Marion, daughter of the Sheriff of Nottingham, races to warn Robin Hood of danger, but it will take ingenuity to prove Robin's innocence and find their happily ever after!
The Heart of Sherwood by Gemma Sydney: Fearing for her sister's future, Lady Marian creates a bold plan to enlist Robin Hood's help and capture his heart!
The Captain's Last Quest by Donna Maloy: Held captive by her father, Letty Waire will do anything to save herself, including marry a naval Captain, Nicholas Monton, who is willing to scale a castle tower to rescue her!
The Art of Love by Stephanie Patterson:  Leandra Hughes is an artist to her soul and determined to correct art critic Harding Northrup's opinion of her Impressionist painting. Will the two find common ground and a
love as well?
A Poetic Season by Peri Maxwell: Lady Evelyn Beckett chaperones her friend, which throws her into the company of Rory, the Earl of Althorne. Considered on the shelf, Evie finds that when it comes to love, it's never too late!
"Tales of Timeless Love" offers romance that spans from medieval to Victorian times. In "So Arthur Was Born" both main characters are married. Moreover, the POV alternates in present tense. Readers may find it difficult to connect with the characters and their story. "To Kiss an Outlaw" and "The Heart of Sherwood" are delightful spins on the Robin Hood legend. It's unfortunate they appear in the same anthology one after another as it dilutes the impact of each. "The Captain's Last Quest" is an entertaining Regency take on the Rapunzel fairytale. Victorian era "The Art of Love" paints an emotional picture of family loyalty that will touch hearts. "A Poetic Season" captivates with a romance between two lonely hearts! Overall, a delightful and charming collection of novellas.
Tricia Hill