The Sweetest Touch

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Louisa, is a beautiful, young pickpocket who is run down by the Duke of  Kenbridge’s carriage one night. She wakes in his home with no memory, but lucky to be alive. Since she was almost killed by his carriage and looks half starved,  Duke Trevor Worthington feels compelled to keep Louisa in his home until her memory returns and she’s stronger. Once Louisa recovers, she is put to work as a servant, where she struggles to remember anything of her past.  Trevor is surprised that she speaks French, knows how to ride a horse like a noblewoman but unfortunately has no skills handy for a maid. He’s drawn to this beautiful girl and she to him, as they struggle with their forbidden love.

As Louisa's memory starts to return, she realizes she was a thief and worked for an evil man named McGregor.  Dare she tell Trevor what she now knows and take the chance that it will destroy their newfound love?

“The Sweetest Touch” is truly the sweetest delight! The heroine, Louisa, is quite unconventional and strong willed -  unraveling her past will keep readers on the edge of their seats until they reach the very end. There are some frustrating anachronisms that might cause a stickler's eyes to roll but if the accuracy oddities can be overlooked, the story will surely grab hold. It is a fast paced read where every page holds a new clue, with betrayal, lies and murder culminating in a wonderful ending that will warm the heart.

Lynne Coyer