Sweet Auralie


Anton and Lenora Boudreaux set sail on the Willow from San Francisco to Shanghai, in search of a child they hope to reunite with its mother. However, they are thwarted at every turn when the Brewster's Trade Business, now owned by Leonora's uncle, denies her her inheritance and plots murder and thievery by planting a spy among their crew. Both Anton and Lenora seek a peaceful resolution but will fight fire with fire if need be. As their trials and tribulations mount, they discover good news is still possible with a new ship the Sweet Auralie and new child on the way.


This epic-style tale begins with a lot of information to ingest and quickly, continuing to feed the reader a large amount of information from the previous books in the series which at times is very overwhelming. Yet, once this is digested it gives a very appealing back story regardless of the repetitiveness. A lack of initial connection to the main characters is also later rectified when the strong love between Anton and Lenora becomes well established, adding a powerful bond that the reader hooks into.  The setting adds an exotic flavor while the historical and nautical elements add interest. Adventurous and romantic with twists and turns that leave the reader upside down and right back up again, "Sweet Auralie" is well worth the voyage!


Margaret Faria