The Sutherland Devil


Saffy is one of the so-called Sinclair Jewels, but she is definitely not a warrior. She is a scholar. When she finds out her family’s brooch is in the possession of the evil Merrick Sutherland, she decides to leave her scholarly ways, dress up as a squire, and pretend to be a boy in order to get it. Unfortunately, her plan backfires when she’s marked as a spy and thrown into the dungeons. 

Merrick knows Saffy is not really a boy, but he is content keeping her in the dark about this knowledge, at least until he can figure out everything there is to know about her. For her part, Saffy is surprised that the more she learns about Merrick, the less he seems like the horrible monster everyone has made him out to be… 

Despite being the third book in a series, this story is easy to read on its own, as each book in the series focuses on a different main character, and although the side characters might cross over, it doesn’t hinder the enjoyment of this tale at all! This spine-tingling romance novel begins with a slow start, some fun and enjoyable banter between the characters and a lot of chemistry!  Although the plot is not particularly original, it drags a reader in and keeps one reading anxiously and enjoyably. Within its well-crafted historical setting, this is a book any historical romance lover will adore!

Majanka Verstraete