The Steel Rogue: A Valor of Vinehill Novel


Roe is the captain of a pirate ship seeking revenge against the ship that killed his former captain and mates. Torrie is a scarred lady who does not fit in society.  She seeks revenge against Roe for helping kill her family 9 years ago.  When Torrie finds out Roe is back on English soil and about to board a boat, she follows him to the docks to make him pay for killing her family.  What happens when two lost souls meet and clash for the first time?

“The Steel Rogue: A Valor of Vinehill Novel” is a romantic and action-filled historical read that will leave the reader wanting more!  The author has created a realistic world with believable characters.  K.L. Jackson describes society at its best and at its worst during that time period.  “The Steel Rogue” is emotional at times and will leave the reader in tears.  One will be drawn into the story from the very beginning until the very end.  There is never a boring moment and there is constant action while the characters are on the ship and even off the ship.  The only issue the reader might notice is that the story feels more drawn out than it needs to be.  The third book in the Valor of Vinehill series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  The story and characters are easy to follow and the reader will fall in love with the two lost souls.   One should read the rest of the series in order so they can learn more about each character.  If one loves historical romances, check out Roe and Torrie’s unforgettable love story!

Victoria Zumbrum