Stars are Brightly Shining: A Magical Holiday Collection

Paula Quinn, Meara Platt, Collette Cameron, Mary Lancaster, Alexa Aston,
Sydney Jane Baily, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Lynne Connolly, Avril Borthiry, Aubrey Wynne

Christmas is about more than gifts, and that is exactly the focus of this delightful holiday collection. This collection of 10 holiday stories range from the Highlands of Scotland to Regency London. The first story in the collection is “Heart of Thanks.” Raphael and Elysande see each other from across the room, but their clans are feuding. Only a snow storm can bring them and their clans together. Another story, “Starlight Night,” begins with a young girl named Lucy. She is trained to be a thief, but knowing a much darker fate awaits, she flees the home. Luke and his wife Caroline find Lucy and decide they have to help her. The final story, “A Merry MacNaughton Mishap,” tells the story of Calum who saves the life of Malachi, his clan's enemy. Only Malachi’s daughter could be the key to bring peace to the clans.

Readers should definitely add this to their list for next Christmas to read by the fire, while listening to Christmas music as it is overflowing with Christmas spirit. It is long with the collection containing 10 stories, but that just means a larger cup of tea. Some of the tales have a lighthearted aspect to them like, “The Hope of Love” and “A Bunch of Mistletoe.” Then there are stories that will require a box of tissues, like “A Solitary Candle” and “Starlight Night.” However, all of them capture the true meaning of Christmas. The balance of the stories makes the pace quite enjoyable, and all the stories will capture the reader's heart. There is also the delightful cast of characters. There are fearsome storms, tragic orphans, eccentric aunts, brooding dukes, devilishly charming Scots, and above This is a heartwarming historical collection that is perfect for the holiday season. 

Amanda Hupe