Sophia’s Leap-Year Courtship


Chadwick Hughes is expecting his mail-order bride on the afternoon train. When she does not arrive, he finds out he’s been duped and appeals to his small town’s only attorney — Miss Sophia Sorensen — for help. Sophia has been the object of ridicule as a woman with a profession, and she is thrilled that Mr. Hughes takes her seriously enough to hire her. The more time she spends in his company, however, the more she finds herself attracted to him. With Lady’s Privilege during Leap Year just around the corner, can she take a chance at love and court Mr. Hughes?

 Chadwick is a hero every reader will love — thoughtful, kind, and a man who can cook! He has a wounded soul, however, and has built a wall around his heart. Sophia is a heroine that anyone who has felt judged and misunderstood can relate to. The author does a wonderful job describing the  period and social norms of the day, while exploring a romance between this unlikely, yet root-worthy pair. There are charming moments aplenty as the spark between Chad and Sophia grows during their unusual courtship. The road to love is never easy and, while there are believable bumps in the road, at times the complications between them dragged just a bit. The secondary characters are memorable, however, and though this is a novella, they each have a surprising depth. This appealing romance will enchant historical romance fans and have readers searching for more books by this author!

 Kate Campbell