The Sinclair Hound (The Sinclair Jewels Series, Book 1)


Pearl, youngest daughter of the Laird Sinclair, has no desire to marry the laird of another clan if it means leaving her own. Determined to be mistress of her own future, she gives her father an ultimatum. As she begins a trek that will take her away from her family, her father's loyal soldier, known by all as the Sinclair Hound, accompanies her. Few have heard him speak, and few know his history. However, his prowess as a fighter is respected. Pearl has secretly watched him and she is undeterred by the silent guardsman. When the group is attacked, Pearl and her bodyguard must continue alone. Pearl feels safe in the arms of her savior and as they spend more and more time together, the feelings they have hidden from one another are revealed. Can the woman known as the Sinclair Jewel discover a way to marry the man of her heart and remain with her clan forever?

"The Sinclair Hound" is a sweet, sensual Scottish historical romance that will keep readers entranced! The Sinclair Hound is a fascinating hero. Despite his lack of speech in much of the book, readers will be able immerse themselves fully in his thoughts and emotions. Pearl is a heroine whose loyalty, nurturing character, and chattiness make her endearing. The historical descriptions and light use of Scottish phrases provide a solid backdrop. This is the first of a series centering on sisters in search of the lost Sinclair Jewels. After reading The Sinclair Hound, no doubt readers will want to pick up the rest of the series!

Tricia Hill