Silent Knight: Alexander (Second in Command Series Book 4)


Alexander is a mercenary, trained under his father. He had to train harder than ordinary men did because he was born with a defect in his leg, causing him to limp. On his father’s deathbed, the man admits that Alexander is not his true son. His father had taken him when his true family thought he had died. If this is true, that means Alexander is not an ordinary mercenary but a nobleman. He soon goes to discover his true family to see if his father was telling the truth. He arrives at the castle and meets his possible mother, Lady Summer. She also had a lovely visitor, Lady Charlotte. They are both attracted to one another instantly, but before he can commit to marriage, he must know his true identity.

This historical fiction makes for a quick afternoon read! This story is quite short and immediately jumps right into action. In fact, it almost feels rushed; there is so much information right at the start of the book. The characters are the highlight of the story, each unique with different personalities. Alexander is a wonderful hero and develops well throughout the book — he is ashamed of his disability, and trying to figure out his identity. The conclusion seems to wrap up too easily and did not seem that believable. This novella focuses more on the story rather than background historical details, although there are a few battle details that will keep readers on the edge of their seats! Even though the plot is a bit predictable, it will give readers a chance to escape to an English castle!

Amanda Hupe