In The Shadow Of Green Bamboos (A Time Of Mulberry Sea)



ANTHOLOGY:  Many stories have been written about the tragedies surrounding the Vietnam War, often focusing on events either immediately prior to the event, or during the active times of fighting. This book takes a different route, set after the events of the war, and sharing glimpses into how various lives were affected via six short stories. Six stories from people at six different stages in their lives, each with their own insight and experiences to share. Taking ordinary, everyday moments but seeing them through different eyes offer readers a small insight into how tragedy, and at times hope, can shape a family.

Told as a collection of short stories from a variety of age groups, the presentation style gives this book a very different feel to many others that are out there, detailing events from the very controversial Vietnam War. From how people survive to what others might seem like insurmountable grief, to a grandmother telling a tale of how a cup can represent so much more than a vessel to drink from, this collection offers readers an insight into things that happened after the fighting ceased. Beautifully written the reader can tell that the author has a very personal connection to the stories that they are telling, and it reaches out and touches the soul, lingering with the reader long after the pages of the book are closed!

Melanie Newton