Shadow of the Fox (Mission Belles Book 1)


Sorina Braithwaite is the granddaughter of a ranchero, with a family determined to make her into a fine young lady. Well known for her wild streak, Sorina does not wish to marry. Her grandfather informs her that he agreed for her to be married to Antoine Santoro, a man she despises. She tries to figure a way to escape. When she discovers the true identity of American spy Lance Grainger, she uses that knowledge to blackmail him into helping her. There is no denying the intense attraction they have for one another, but Lance has spent his life trying to be a man of honor. Sorina and Lance must overcome all odds for her plan to work, but neither of them thought love would be a problem.

This book has it all — romance, history and suspense!  Absolutely filled with history of California, "Shadow of the Fox" is unique, taking place at the beginning of the war between Mexico and the United States. There are some places where the pace slows down a bit; however, the descriptions are amazing. The author takes the time to describe every detail of the food and clothing. It really gives the readers a sense of the culture. In addition, the chemistry between Lance and Sorina is steamy! They are both spectacular characters, strong and independent. The villain in this story is truly evil; however, the book does not go into detail about him. This took away some of the suspense, not knowing what the villain is truly capable of. In all, this is a splendid read for those who love romance and history! 

Amanda Hupe