Seize the Flame

Lynda J.

Jessica Dupre is out of options and has to make a choice - stay and face her accusers, or flee the life she has hastily built for herself. In the end, she runs, with no idea how far she will go or for how long - all she knows is that neither of the men hunting her can find her. One was the man who stole her heart and shattered it. The other broke her physically with his brutality. When a blizzard hits, Jessica hides in a mountain shack to wait out the storm, but she is not alone. Drake Adams loved Jessica, but she ran from him on their wedding day into the arms of the vicious man who would become her husband. Tasked with finding Jessica, Drake has to choose between duty as a bounty hunter and claiming his heart's deepest desire. He just hoped Jessica's flame still burned as bright as his own.

Seize the Flame” is a good balance of Wild West authenticity and star-crossed lovers with an ill-fated romance. The characters pined for each other, and festering love turned dark over the years from misunderstanding and loss. Their pain was keenly felt, as were their hopes and dreams. The reader rooted for their happily ever after and held their breath when it was threatened. The author's craft skillfully communicated the depths of their emotions allowing one to experience their journey fully. One wished the ending was not rushed, but continued to follow the same easy path as the majority of the tale; however, the reader was left with a happy and satisfied heart.

Amy Willis