The Seduction of an Earl (Daughters of the Aristocracy #3)

Linda Rae

Lady Hannah Slater is a sensible young lady. She knows men get married for the sake of getting heirs, and that their mistresses are the ones they love. So when Henry Foster, the Earl of Gisborn, offers marriage but warns her that he is in love with his mistress, Sarah, and has a child with her, she isn’t put off. She truly doesn’t mind. Until, of course, she marries him, spends time with him and starts to feel way too much. Now she only has to convince her husband that she is the one for him, and that their love is one that will last forever.

Hannah is a delightful heroine:  on one hand she is practical when men, especially aristocratic ones, are in question, but on the other hand she is still a closeted romantic. Even when she was jealous of Sarah and had every right to feel awful, she was kind and generous. And then there’s Henry. Even though it was obvious that his relationship with Sarah wasn’t perfect, he still claimed to love her, yet pursued Hannah with no hesitation. Now, in those days that wasn’t unusual, but from a perspective of a modern reader, it was a bit off-putting. Little Nathaniel is a joy, and so is Harold, Hannah’s dog. Warning: some tears will be shed while reading the book!  An enjoyable, character-driven, regency romance!

Ana Smith