Scoundrel’s Fortune – Highlander’s Pact, Book 2


Faking the loss of her virtue to a visiting scoundrel, Isobella uses her trick to escape France and voyage to Scotland on a treasure hunt! Laird Malcolm MacLauchlin is shocked when her incoming ship sails past his home and is set upon by pirates. When he and a few clansmen set out on a rescue mission, they find themselves embroiled in Isobella’s hunt. Their adventurous ride through the wilds of Scotland pit them against a scheming rogue, a blood-thirsty pirate, and tortured memories of loss. Will Malcolm embrace his developing attraction? Will Isobella forgive a secret from his past? Will the two of them thwart the brigands determined to stop them and find a fortune to secure their future and seal their love?

Rich with fascinating characters and rousing action, “Scoundrel’s Fortune” is a treasure trove of chilling adventures and fervent thrills! An international love affair where readers will find the traumas caused by war, grief, and greed an exciting tale, sure to snare them in its web. Although too much of the story dwells on the mourning of a loved one, readers will still enjoy the fast-paced romantic scavenger hunt for a fortune in jewels and the riches of love. The descriptions of the blustery landscapes jump off the pages. The secondary characters provide gems of humor and loyalty. Readers will take pleasure in the suspicious machinations of a deceitful villain, the wicked charms of a haunted hero, and the determined spirit of a lady with a mind of her own. Ms. Purington maps out a whirlwind escapade where mayhem and destiny are the true coordinates where “X” definitely marks the spot!

Tonya Mathenia