Schemes Gone Amiss (Conundrums of the Misses Culpepper #2)


REGENCY:  Blythe Culpepper has no interest in a London Season; she’s much more at home in the country. When her new guardian enlists his friends to help with the debut of the Culpepper sisters and cousins, Blythe comes face to face with Lord Leventhorpe - the one man who caused so much trouble when they first met. Tristan, Marquis of Leventhorpe, has reason for avoiding the Season. He is haunted by trauma from his childhood and as a result his relationships are tightly controlled. Yet, there is something about Blythe that draws him in, despite her obvious distaste for him. When an old enemy returns and threatens to reveal not only Tristan’s past but also ruin Blythe, Tristan must decide whether honor or love are more important.


A historical romance with a cast of beautiful girls all with B names makes this the most confusing story the reader will ever enjoy. Between the typical hate-to-love romance, the entrance of an old enemy, as well as a rival for the heroine’s attentions, the plot premise is somewhat clichéd. However, Tristan’s background is darker than the usual regency romance fare and Blythe’s attitude toward ruin and duels is different, which allows for a bit more depth - provided the reader doesn’t confuse which girl is talking. The story is well written without telling or info-dumping, and both Blythe and Tristan are strong and sympathetic characters making this a fun and worthwhile read for lovers of historical romance.


Sarah E. Bradley