Scandalous Heiress (Those Notorious Americans, Book 4)


Summoned by his mother, Victor Cole returns to England. His older half-brother, Richard, wants to marry an American heiress, Esmerelda “Ezzie” Moore. His mother must stop this union with the aid of Victor. At Richard’s engagement party, Victor sets eyes on Ada Hanniford and falls for her hard, mistaking her for Richard’s intended. But Richard has dishonorable intentions for his intended’s friend Ada and spurns Ezzie. With Ada repulsed by Richard, Victor finds he often needs to rescue the vivacious girl from his brother. Victor sets his cap for Ada, but Richard declares he will have Ada or no one will, no matter the cost.

“Scandalous Heiress” follows the escapades of Ada Hanniford and Victor Cole as they go through their trials and tribulations on their way to a happily ever after. Ada is a strong woman who knows her mind and takes action when things are amiss. At times some of the character’s voices are hard to distinguish one from another because there are so many of them. Richard, though a main personality, is not fully developed. Readers only see his predominant characteristic—being cruel. Some chapters, as well, do not progress in a compelling manner. A fun read, Ada’s family is a joy to behold. It is refreshing to see women in a historical novel all have vocations such as the women in the Hanniford household. A beautifully crafted story, Ms. Deland captivates her audience with this tale of romance. 

Belinda Wilson