Scandal’s Redemption


Lady Jocelyn Stafford has been suffering from a broken heart and a tainted reputation due to the scandal with Lord Leisterbridge and her twin sister, Jane. Now, she must come to terms with her current stance as a social pariah or find a husband that will accept her and help her regain what is left of her social standing. Her close friend, Lord James Seaton, is back home from the war and is eagerly seeking a wife so he can produce an heir. Jocelyn agrees to help him find a suitable wife, but is left regretting her decision to reject him prior to his departure. There is a strong attraction between James and Jocelyn, but James is unsure if he can trust someone who once broke his heart.

The transition between “Scandal’s Deception” and “Scandal’s Redemption” is flawless. Readers are able to pick up where the previous novel left off, but now hear the story told from Jocelyn’s perspective. From the beginning, there is already growth in Jocelyn’s character that continues from her scandal outlined in the previous book. It is also refreshing to see that Jane and Ralston are included and even hold important roles that aid in Joceyln’s character development. Additionally, the murder mystery will have readers on the edge of their seats and they will be surprised as the revelation unfolds. The drama and tension between every character is able to grasp attention as the reader wonders what will happen next.  This tale is packed with a steamy romance, murder, and secrets that will leave readers wondering if a reputation can really be redeemed.

Sadie Wilson