Scandal’s Deception


A young woman, Jane Stafford, discovers soon after her father’s death that she is an heiress from England. Not only must she sail back to England, but she is told that her mother is still alive and well. As a girl raised by her father in America, she must learn to navigate England’s strange society and master the ways of the ton to avoid scrutiny from her peers. Luckily, her father’s appointed guardian is there to help her master each skill before being brought into the public eye. However, as a strong-willed and independent young woman, taking orders from her new male guardian, learning how to be a proper lady, and the prospects of marriage challenge her.  Her challenges become greater once she faces her mother and falls into a scheme that could leave her and her whole family in ruins.

“Scandal’s Deception” is a light-hearted romance that takes the reader on a journey through the challenges that Jane now faces. The plot is incredibly predictable and overused in literature and film, which makes each new development predicted many chapters ahead. Additionally, there were quite a few small typographical errors scattered throughout the novel. Despite those drawbacks, it appears Ms. Gibson thoroughly researched her history to create an accurate representation of the times. The dialogue between characters was easy-going and never felt forced, nor did the word choice seem over-exaggerated for proper English characters. Overall, “Scandal’s Deception” was full of Jane Austen vibes sprinkled on each page, from the fierce independent young woman to the cupful of romance.

Sadie Wilson