Saving Her Highland Traitor (Time to Love a Highlander Book Five)

Maeve Greyson

Mila and her adopted son, Robbie, are leading a miserable group of ‘entitled’ tourists on a Highland tour in Scotland when they stop for a lunch break. As a storm surrounds them, Mila and Robbie are swept back in time to the 1700s! Since Mila loves history and Robbie is exceptionally intelligent, they possess some essential tools that are useful in their new reality. Chieftain Teague MacDonald and a few of his clansmen find them shortly after they arrive, and offer them refuge at Éirich Castle, his home. While Mila is wary and distrustful, Robbie settles in nicely and starts contributing to the clan in different little ways. Teague is intrigued by Mila and wants her for his own, but needs to proceed with caution until he knows if he can trust her. Meanwhile, people are conspiring to harm Teague, and Mila knows the sad fate of this clan and its chief from her incredible knowledge of history. The separate pieces each work well together and create a fascinating tale!

This story progresses steadily with parallel tension and pace that increase as events unfold. There are minimal wasted words as each sentence adds to the overall feel of this dynamic story. Readers are transported to the Scottish Highlands of the early 1720s and get a believable glimpse of life at that time. There are a couple of unexpected plot twists as well. The details feel authentic for the most part; however, it’s not clear how or why that storm transports them back in time. Other than that, this story is a joy to experience and should leave readers with a happy heart. 


Carey Sullivan