Sagebrush Bride

Tanya Anne

WESTERN:  Elizabeth Bowcock learned independence at a young age.  The daughter of a frontier doctor, whose mother deserted them both, Elizabeth knew the only way people would take her seriously in the same profession was to demand it.  That’s why, after her father’s death and a letter informing her she has a niece to raise, she finds herself in the middle of the town saloon asking for a husband.


Cutter McKenzie is well aware of the struggle Elizabeth is going through.  A half-breed Cheyenne, he has spent his life fighting the hatred that follows him.  Maybe that’s why he can’t let “Doc Liz” suffer the consequences of her crazy idea.  Determined to help her, he must first convince her that hooking up with a half-breed won’t destroy her but give her everything she really needs to be happy.


As American Westerns go, this one is a doozy!  Filled with every single thing one could hope for, from ornery, lecherous cowpokes to handsome Indians, from steamy scenes that burn the pages, to ice-cold hatred that will freeze the heart.  The only thing stopping this from 5 star heaven is Elizabeth, herself.  Her character comes across so callous and cruel at times that it is difficult to even like her, let alone wish her well.  Still,  Cutter keeps the pages turning as the adventures mount and the plot thickens!   Thankfully by the time that last pages closes, even Elizabeth is a well-loved friend!


Ruth Lynn Ritter