Sage Hawke is not like her sisters. For her family, the most important thing is knowing how to handle a sword properly, yet Sage has another passion: books. She had always wanted to read, but she could only understand short words, so when her little sister hands her a small black-leather book, she takes it to the only person she knows who could help her, Brother Nicholas. However, the book is coded, and it will take some time to crack it. Just when they begin to understand the code, Marcus de Nogaret interrupts them, stealing the book and kidnapping Sage, so she can decipher its content. But what could possibly be so important about this book that they would even have assassins after them during the whole journey? And who would want it so badly?

“Sage” is a book filled with action from beginning to end. Laurel O’Donnell takes her characters through countless situations where they must use their skills in order to survive and reach their destination. With numerous landscapes described in detail, readers can picture each moment of the novel, from the most chaotic to the most calm or intimate. The story is told from both characters’ points of view, switching from one to the other but keeping the same rhythm in the narrative, and letting us know exactly how both characters feel at all times. “Sage” tells how a remarkably intelligent, beautiful and skilled woman intends to fulfill her lifelong dream while travelling with a man who arouses her interest more and more. A journey full of fights, death and mysteries awaits these two characters through the roads of 14th century France.

Anthony Carbonell