Ruthless Knight (Legendary Bastards of the Crown Book 2)


Rook, Reed, and Rowen, triplet bastards of the English King Edward, are sworn to bring vengeance upon him by posing as the Demon Thief.  The three are now down a brother as Rowen has married and sworn allegiance to Edward.  Rook dwells in the catacombs of the ruined monastery near Naward Castle, where he meets Lady Calliope, the niece of the Lord Ovid who has inherited the castle and who starves and mistreats the serfs on the land.  Lady Calliope is just as familiar with the catacombs and works to help the people through subterfuge with the aid of her friend, Brother Everad.  When Rook meets Calliope, all his plans for vengeance may be thwarted as he does what he promised never to do — fall in love.


“Ruthless Knight” is enjoyable overall.  Rook and Calliope have good romantic tension, and the backdrop of medieval 14th Century England will appeal to historical romance readers. However, it does feel somewhat superficial in storytelling and characterization.  Some of the language reads too modern, and a seasoned historical romance reader will catch those lapses. Rook is in a state of suspended emotional development, fixated on what his father did many years ago and unwilling to move past it.  Calliope feels authentic with her sense of heroism and commitment to good in the face of her tenuous status as the unmarried niece of a tyrant landholder.   Readers looking for a quick medieval romance will appreciate the distinctive storyline of “Ruthless Knight.”

Danielle Hill